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Hallo from The Netherlands, how great you have found us!

We are a group of 10 educators from both Viaa University of Applied Sciences and delegates from the professional field of Scope visiting the NASUP-conference in Anaheim, California.

Scope is the School-University Partnership of 20 Christian Primairy School-boards partnering with Viaa University.  We cooperate for over 15 years in teacher education and professional development. All of of the students in our teacher training programme are trained in a curriculum in which 50% of the education takes place in the practise of one of the 180 primary schools in our partnership.

The purpose of our studytrip tot he NASUP-conference 2024 is threefold:

  • To gain knowledge about SUP-related themes
  • To share knowledge from our SUP Scope. We contribute to the conference in 4 workshops, covering governance, professionalization of mentors, constructing a workfield-curriculum and developing Personal Mastery: Personal Mastery – Hogeschool Viaa
  • To find new SUP-partners for sustainable cooperation and exchange

We’d be pleased to get in touch with you! Please reach out by sending an email to info@scopesamenopleiden.nl, or follow our activities on LinkedIn

Chris Dam (Chairman Executive Board The Akker)
Inge Huttinga (Coördinator Work Placement, Professor Viaa University)
Evelien Krabbe (Director Kluinveenschool, Wierden)
Hendrik Leppink (School Educator Florion)
Alinda van Luijk (Educational Teamleader Academy of Education Viaa University)
Wilke van der Molen (Programleader Scope, Teamleader Academy of Education Viaa University)
Marco Schaap (Director Academy of Education – Viaa University)
Wilma de Vries (School Educator Rehoboth)
Gerko Warner (Director Doekesschool, Hardenberg)
Willem Weerstand (Director Frits Bodeschool, Urk)